Comprehensive Guide to Ariana Grande’s Chic Tattoos — From the Pete Davidson Cover-Ups to Dainty Finger Tats

A Comprehensive Guide to Ariana Grande's Tattoos

Ariana Grande could very well be the queen of the chic tattoo. Though the 26-year-old keeps many of her designs hidden with her signature ponytail and over-the-elbow gloves, she actually has an incredibly extensive collection. From dainty and cute finger tats to larger more intricate designs, when it comes to body art Grande knows what’s what.
Personally, many of our favorites were created by her go-to New York City-based artist, Mira Mariah. This includes the “7 Rings” singer’s beautiful moon and stars hand design, which she got the same night she won Billboard’s Woman of the Year, as well as the worker bee behind her ear, which pays homage to the city of Manchester following the attacks at the arena.
Though she was a fan of tattoos long before she met Pete Davidson, there were definitely a lot more appointments made when the two were together. While she was dating and engaged to the SNL cast member, she accumulated 10 tattoos in a mere six months. Then once they broke up, she had to get a lot of those covered or altered.
For instance, she got a leafy vine that wraps around her index finger to cover the Harry Potter “9 ¾” reference she and Davidson got tatted together. But don’t worry, she didn’t completely erase all her love of Harry Potter. She still sports the term “lumos” on the outside of her hand, which is a reference to the wand-lighting spell from the popular series.
From her super fine designs to her bigger standouts, keep scrolling to see a comprehensive guide to all of Grande’s tattoos.

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